By Debbie Raney
Burns Times-Herald

At the recommendation of Mark Maliwauki, County Business Development Coordinator, the Harney County Court signed a contract  agreement with World Economic Development Alliance (WEDA) at its regular meeting on Feb. 6.

Maliwauki told the court, “In 12 months, if we get one deal, it will pay for itself. This will allow us to work with someone who is getting leads.”
According to the company’s Web page, WEDA “offers strategic consulting services and is sponsored by government and private entities to provide preliminary services free and confidentially to companies with expansion or relocation plans. WEDA has helped thousands of companies find the necessary contacts and resources to aid in their site search.”

The agreement with WEDA will cost the county $8,500 for one-year’s service. Included in the service will be access to all of the leads that WEDA cultivates, access to all WEDA trade shows, two trade show badges to all trade shows WEDA attends, the ability to display marketing materials at the WEDA booth at all trade shows attended, a dedicated Web banner on the Web site, a client listing with the county’s Web site linked, the ability to post unlimited building and sites on the Web site, two area spotlights/press releases on the Web site, and a full page ad in the Business Development Outlook Magazine.
WEDA may be able to assist in marketing the  Louisiana Pacific (LP) property, with substantial leads available. The court discussed the critical need to have the entire plant recertified and to have the step-by-step process of refiring the boiler on paper.

Maliwauki also told the court that he and Jessica Cahill, Harney County Chamber of Commerce Director, and a representative from the Oregon Department of Agriculture will be attending the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif., Feb. 12-14. Brochures detailing business opportunities in Harney County, agriculture innovations or possibilities of the area and the quality of life in the county will be distributed at the expo. Maliwauki said it is also be an opportunity to “get contacts, see what’s new and gather information.”


In other County Court business, Fred Flippance presented the quarterly statement on the Claire McGill Luce Endowment Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. Flippance also discussed the retirement of Harney County Librarian Jolyn Wynn and the Harney County Library Foundation’s annual fund- raising dinner.


Cheryl Keniston, Health Department Director, discussed a Tobacco Prevention Grant for Public Health, which she recently received. The grant will fund a half time program coordinator. The court suggested integrating this program on tobacco prevention with Harney Behavioral Health’s existing program.


Scott Franklin and Keith Baltzor were appointed to the County Board of Review, following the recommendation by Ted Tiller, Harney County Assessor.


The court thanked the Harney County Road Department for the extra time spent in maintaining the roads during the heavy snow. Road Superintendent Kerry Landers said he appreciated that the county citizens had made the effort to keep private roads clear, rather than ask the county for help as has happened in the past. He also thanked the Malheur Wildlife Refuge for the use of equipment.


Len Vohs was appointed to fill the vacancy for the Burns and Hines seat on the Southeast Regional Alliance.


Judge Steve Grasty reported that FEMA funds had been received to cover some of the costs incurred by Harney Electric Cooperative during last summer’s fires. A reimbursement of $2,253.96 will be paid to Harney Electric.

4 Responses to “County seeks economic stimulus”

  1. ryan Says:

    burns need to attract a walmart or target or jc penneys or any big box retail store to create jobs and a economic stimulus from local consumer spending in burns oregon /

  2. me Says:

    Walmart would be a bad idea, the town would be no more…a ghost town. Supercenters would eliminate the need for small businesses like Kings, Big R, Rite Aid, B&B, and all of downtown. Walmarts are bad because they consolidate people’s many needs into giant socioeconomic determing town destroyers. They also promote the importation of goods from China.

  3. Sure... Says:

    Why would Wal-Mart be interested in Burns to begin with? Wal-Mart needs communities with a VIABLE economic future…until Burns figures out that bringing in industry is a good thing (Kind of like the last Wal-Mart basher), the community will never experience real growth. Look at the past, life was good when timber was booming and you all were content that things would always be good…well, guess what, things are not good now but if you all pull your heads out of the sand, there may be hope yet…expand!

  4. Longfellow Says:

    Mark Maliwauki, County Business Development Coordinator, is a waste of Harney County taxpayers money. His salary could be better spent on the community rather than in his pocket. I really think Grasty should resign, as well. His $50,000.00 plus a year salary could be put to use on roads instead of in his pocket.

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