Early Sunday edition features inaccurate informationThe Oregonian on the left is the early version that went out on Saturday and was the edition most Harney County residents received. The photo of the high Steens with the words �Picture a hundred turbines here� is actually inaccurate because the proposed wind projects will be in another location. No turbines would be visible in the picture. The paper on the right is the revised Sunday version that was distributed on the left side of the state. The Oregonian changed the paper after receiving complaints. (Submitted photo)

Hoyt Wilson, owner of Mann Lake Ranch, found himself on the front page of The Sunday Oregonian this week. So did the wind energy projects planned for his ranch and other nearby private lands.

But there was an interesting story behind the story, too.

Early editions of The Sunday Oregonian, printed Saturday, had a picture of the  high Steens, viewed from the east, with a huge headline that read: “Picture a hundred turbines here.” But no turbines would be visible in the picture or anywhere nearby.

“I got hold of a paper as early as I could on Saturday, and when I saw that, I immediately called The Oregonian,” said Chris Crowley, President of Columbia Energy Partners, the company developing the wind projects. “The headline and picture were completely false. Not one turbine would be visible in the picture they showed. As soon as I said that to the editor, you could hear her thinking, ‘Uh-oh,’ ” Crowley said.

By 3:30 p.m. Saturday The Oregonian agreed to change the picture and headline. The new version shows a much larger version of a photo of Hoyt Wilson with a headline that reads, “For Harney County, turbines on Steens is simple math.” The sub-headline reads: “Officials see a smart, green investment during the recession, but environmentalists want to keep the mountain pristine.”
Unfortunately, the early version of The Oregonian was put on trucks for delivery to Harney County, so anyone who has the paper delivered here saw the old version.

Harney County Judge Grasty was not happy. “To me this is just a bald-face lie. They took a picture of the high Steens and imposed a headline over it. This is wilderness, we couldn’t do it, and wouldn’t do it. That is nothing there’s ever been a conversation about. If there was, I’d vote against it. I’m aghast that The Oregonian would stoop this low.”

To see what the story looked like in the Portland area, go to:
To see simulations of what the projects will look like from places the public is likely to go, see:

2 Responses to “Portland paper changes headline on Steens wind project story”

  1. Sure Says:

    I really hope you are all ready for the way things are really going to look once the towers go up. I know that in North Dakota, it wasn’t given much thought, but now, when you drive down the highway, the landscape is permantly scarred by all these towers. I understand the need for the energy, but one the towers go up, they will be there for a really long time. It is really very ugly now, the natural beauty is forever changed.

  2. Resident Says:

    I am tired of hearing the greedy county, the greedy out-of-state developer, and the greedy landowners have some hissy-fit any time their is opposition to their money making scheme. This wind project is going to jack for me and the rest of the county (although you’d all sure like to convince us otherwise). But you know what, it is going to ruin my view and probably impact the land it is sited on. Even if the Oregonian didn’t have the right spot, they had the right point. SHAME ON YOU JUDGE! I WILL KEEP ON HATING YOUR DANG WIND IDEAS AND WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO OUR PRETTY PLACES. Some people here don’t, won’t, or can’t make money from having industrial wind on our property, but some of us do make it through the tourism revenue that comes from folks wanting to visit Steens… LETS KEEP THAT BUSINESS IN TACT.

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