There will be a Harney County Candidates Night event at 6 p.m. April 27 at the Harney County Community Center. Judge and commissioner candidates will take about their plans as your elected official.

Harney County Judge

Name: Steve Grasty
Occupation: Harney County Judge
Years in Harney County: 39
Why are you running?: I love this place and I want to see it prosper. This is my home and I would keep working to see Harney County  be successful, no matter what the outcome of the election. The efforts we have made together to attract and sustain jobs is difficult, but one that will be successful in the long run. I want to continue to be a part of that effort and believe that the foundation which has been built while I have been in office will help us be successful. Much of that foundation is based on connections here in this county and ones that I have established around this state and nation.


Name: Hilda Allison
Occupation: Coordinator for the High Desert Partnership
Years in Harney County: 30-plus years
Why are you running?: I am running for County Judge because I feel I can correct the lack of direction our community and county have experienced over the last few years. My observations have led me to believe that business as usual is no longer acceptable or healthy for the residents of our county and the economy which sustains it. I have a broader view of what our county has to offer. I have the ability, energy and confidence to move forward in a new direction that gives this community hope. I feel I am the best person for the job and with the help of every person in this community we can accomplish more than ever before.


Name: Hobert Kim Tiller
Occupation: retired from Columbia River Log Scaling Bureau in 2002
Years in Harney County: He has lived here most of his life, graduating from Burns Union High School in 1973.
Why are you running?: I believe it’s time to work together to create family-wage jobs, bring growth to the community and maintain fiscal responsibility and integrity. With tough decisions ahead, especially in a weak economy, it’s time to move in a positive direction. These are hard times for our fellow citizens. As a husband, grandfather and businessman, I want Harney County to be the best place to live for our citizens now and for our future generations.

County Commissioner

Name: Jack Drinkwater
Party: Republican
Occupation: Harney County Commissioner/rancher
Years in Harney County: All of his life, 85 years.
Why are you running?: Because I have the time and I enjoy the work — the way the economy is, this court has still kept Harney County in good shape. I believe I know Harney County as good as anyone.


Name: Linda Johnson
Party: Republican
Occupation: Community volunteer and retired
Years in Harney County: 44
Why are you running?: Because I want to serve. I have been involved in the community for the last 25 years, including serving on the Burns Planning Commission, and the Burns City Council twice. I was also involved in the effort to get the Harney District Hospital tax district and was part of the site committee for the OYA. The schools, the town, the government, I’ve been involved with all of it, and now have ample time to do that again. It takes a person who has the time, and I do.


Name: Pete Runnels
Party: Democrat
Occupation: Business owner (Figaro’s Pizza)
Years in Harney County: Born here and have lived here about 50 years.
Why are you running?: I care about the people, the way of life and our economy. We need to get our local economy up and going with jobs, and at the same time we need to keep in balance our ranchers, farmers, entrepreneurs and the local Burns-Hines business community. Extreme environmentalists need to be stopped to help us regain and retain our way of life in Harney County. We need to be able to use our natural, renewable resources.

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