Evan Franulovich opens new martial arts school in downtown Burns

By Randy Parks
Burns Times-Herald
Evan Franulovich, right, recently opened Martial Arts America-Burns, Oregon on Broadway in downtown Burns. Here he works with prospective student Chris Parry. (Photo by RANDY PARKS)

On April 12, Evan Franulovich opened the doors to Martial Arts America-Burns, Oregon at 405 North Broadway in Burns.

Franulovich said he has gotten a very enthusiastic response since opening, with more than 20 students signing up for classes.

The facility has affiliation with Martial Arts America schools in Junction City and Boise, Idaho, and Franulovich said he has pretty much adopted the curriculum of those schools. “It’s a family-focused curriculum,” he noted.

Franulovich said his martial arts training began with judo classes when he was a high school exchange student in Belgium. He has since studied other styles, and recently earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. “My wife works for the Bureau of Land Management, and we’ve moved around because of that, so I didn’t stay at one school long enough to work up to a black belt,” he said.

The school offers classes in Tae Kwon Do as well as other styles of self-defense, and cardio kick boxing. Diane Rappaport also offers Tai Chi classes.

Classes for children ages 3 to 6 are a half-hour long, while classes for older kids and adults last 45 minutes. They are held in the afternoon and evening hours on a staggered schedule Monday through Thursday. “People are busy doing other things, so I’ve tried to make the schedule flexible,” Franulovich said.

While most people acknowledge the benefit of self-defense in taking a martial arts class, there are other aspects which shouldn’t be overlooked. “It improves overall fitness, balance, flexibility and coordination. Plus it gives a person confidence,” Franulovich said. “And research shows that kids become focused, and adults can reduce stress.”

Franulovich added that if a child is interested in studying martial arts, it shouldn’t reduce his/her participation in other activities, but rather enhance it. “Whether it’s baseball, basketball, wrestling, football or whatever, these classes can help a child’s reflexes, strength and agility,” he said.

The average time it takes to earn a black belt in Tae Kwon Do is three to four years, and if a student accomplishes the feat, it also demonstrates dedication on their part.

The school has a pro shop selling uniforms and other gear, and offers both single and family plans for classes. Franulovich has set the price of classes lower than comparable schools around the state, and said it’s somewhat difficult to put a money figure on what a person receives. “It’s hard to gauge the value of what you achieve,” he said. “It’s a positive culture, you learn leadership skills and become trained in a life-long art.”

Those interested may also attend out-of-town competitions, and Franulovich is planning on hosting a competition locally in the future.

While Franulovich is happy with the initial response, he would like to double the number of students enrolled. “With more people, we can do more fun drills and activities,” he said. “It’s a worthwhile activity, and I’d like to see more people involved.”

For more information, call 541-573-KICK (5425).

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