Half-marathon fund raiser held

Posted on June 29th in Sports

The second annual Brain Trimmer Half-Marathon Run, Bike and Walk was held on Saturday, June 11.

Submitted photos Burns resident Jeremiah Beckert (below) and his National Guard troop ran the half-marathon race while stationed in Afghanistan.

Runners and bikers went from Washington Park to Five-Mile Dam and back, while walkers went from Washington Park to Lone Pine Road and back.

All money raised went to Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) research at Stanford University on behalf of Brianna LaFollette, a Burns resident who underwent two AVM removal surgeries in the brainstem and, unable to run the first and second half-marathons, biked them instead.

In conjunction with the event in Burns, soldiers from the 1249th Engineer Battalion, Oregon Army National Guard, out of Salem  hosted the second annual Brain Trimmer Half Marathon at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Sharana, Afghanistan, on June 12.

The run consisted of 31 runners and 14 volunteers comprised of soldiers, sailors and civilians. FOB Sharana’s elevation is approximately 7,300 feet above sea level and is extremely hilly.

“You are either running up a hill or down a hill the entire time,” said 2nd Lt. Ray Jones. The run was coordinated between Bev LaFollette and Capt. Jeremiah Beckert, an Oregon State Trooper out of Burns.

“We typically run this far on Sundays anyway, why not raise money for a good cause too,” Beckert said. Donations poured in from throughout the FOB raising more than $650 for AVM research.

The winner of the FOB Sharana Half-Marathon was Taylor Kristich, a civilian who donated $50, finishing the half-marathon in a time of 1 hour and 25 minutes. All runners completed the course with high spirits and no injuries.

Results for the event in Burns are as follows:

Men runners 13.1 miles
Troy Hooker         1:37:01
Curt Blackburn     1:58:27

Women runners 13.1 miles
Laura Beckert      1:48:04
Shannon Glascock 1:54:35
Riley Curtis            1:56:54
Sue Hueckman      1:58:26

Bikers 13.1 miles
Connie Robbins      47:34
Braden Emang       47:36
Scott Spence         51:48
Greta Emang         52:42
Loren Emang         56:37
Brianna LaFollette  56:39
Brian Needham      58:34
Rebecca Gibbon    1:02:58
Michelle Ebar        1:02:59
Tyler Thomas        1:07:50
Keayn Emang       1:10:48
Kylie Thomas        1:20:05
Ellie Burri              1:20:06
Courtney Carlon    1:28:01
Kaeko Blackburn   1:58:29

Women walkers 7 miles
Sue Herringshaw   1:22:13
Sherrie Ellson         1:30:24
Tyra Rickman        1:30:25
Runell Curtis         1:36:48
Erin Gosnell          1:36:50
Steph Bodeen        1:41:59
Christy Davis         1:55:27
Mandy Leep          1:55:28
Bev LaFollette       1:55:30
Heather Githens     2:19:17
Darci Wolfe            2:19:17
Channing Nisbet    2:34:07
Amaya Adakins      2:24:07
Sheree Vinson       2:36:22
Randy Retherford  2:36:22
Hailey Vinson        2:36:22
Sue Pedersen        2:36:22

Men walkers 7 miles
Bill Jacques           1:21:56

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