By Debbie Raney
Burns Times-Herald

Chance Miller held on to win the championship in bronc riding at the Harney County Ranch Rodeo on July 9 at the fairgrounds. (Photo by DEBBIE RANEY)

Twenty-five teams of cowboys and cowgirls spent Saturday, July 9, competing in the Harney County Ranch Rodeo at the Harney County Fairgrounds.

The four-person teams compiled points in six events throughout the rodeo, with the top five teams earning prizes and money at the end of the day.

The winning team was the Arock Crew — Richard Eiguren, Mike Eiguren, Matt Mori and Tao Mastrejuan — with 396 points. The Arock Crew was awarded full bridles made by Kevin Urbach Saddles.

Second place went to the Kings River Ranch team — Phil Miller, TJ Thompson, Brandon Nuffer and JR Kelly — with 387 points. For their win the Kings River Ranch team won stirrups made by Johnny Miller.

The Pine Room team — Chance Miller, Ed Dunlap, Mick Miller and Hoot Raney — finished in third place with 360 points. The awards for the Pine Room team were reins made by Dan Fowler.

Scoring 313.5 points, the Over & Under team — Gene Northrop, Jessie Northrop, Ross Defenbaugh and Todd Weagant — placed fourth. Chokers made by Kevin Urbach were presented to the Over & Under team.

Fifth place went to the V Dash Cattle Co. team — Garrett Bentz, Ethan Bentz, Jim Joyce and Lee Carlson — with 255 points.

Prizes for individual event-winners were also presented.

Kings River Ranch won ropes donated by Anderson Valley Supply for having the fastest time in the team branding, and scarves and hondos made by Terry Ott for winning the ranch doctoring.

Chance Miller from the Pine Room team won a pair of Boulet boots donated by Paula Otley for winning the saddle bronc riding.

The Over 40 team — Keith Baltzor, Jeremy Clark, Mike Smit and James Norris — won saddle pads for winning the muley roping.

Scrimshaw knives made by Michelle Severe were given to the Arock Crew for winning the horse roping.

The Carson/Rose team — Todd Carson, J.W. Rose, Jake Peasley and Kenny Haigh — won the cow milking. The team was awarded slickers for the win.

The complete list of teams competing and their scores are as follows:

1) Arock Crew — Richard Eiguren, Mike Eiguren, Matt Mori, Tao Mastrejuan — 396.
2) Kings River Ranch — Phil Miller, TJ Thompson, Brandon Nuffer, JR Kelly — 387.
3) Pine Room — Hoot Raney, Mick Miller, Ed Dunlap, Chance Miller — 360.
4) Over & Under — Gene Northrop, Jessie Northrop, Todd Weagant, Ross Defenbaugh — 313.5.
5) V Dash Cattle Co. — Garrett Bentz, Ethan Bentz, Jim Joyce, Lee Carlson — 255.
6) Over 40 — Jeremy Clark, Keith Baltzor, James Norris, Mike Smit — 231.
7) Quarter Circle TI — Rodney Johnson, Bill Peila, Chris Gregg, Cole Estell — 229.5.
8) Warren Valley — George Shine, Victor Madrigal, Josh Prom, Terry Cahill — 211.5.
9) Desert Creek Ranch — Dennis Wines, JD Bunch, Jason Rosebrook, Craig Neher — 199.5.
10) DeLong Ranches — Jeff Garijo, Will DeLong, George Barton, Jim Filipini — 198.
11/12) ZX Ranch — Chance Peila, Jade Cooper, Cleve Anseth, Frank Domingues — 183.
11/12) Carson/Rose — J.W. Rose, Todd Carson, Kenny Haigh, Jake Peasley — 183.
13) Nevada Boys — Woody Harney, Woody Harney Jr., Malachi McLean, Norbert Gibson — 168.
14) T Lazy S — Justin Jacobs, Jim Jacobs, Justin Nedro, Jack Glascock — 162.
15) Powell Butte Gang — Tyler Moore, Shane Quire, Steve Gillan, Justin Solesbee — 141.
16) Wild Bunch — John Maley, Drew Knowles, Willie Stoddart, Charlie Smit — 133.5.
17) Plush Team — Brandon Fitzgerald, Craig Mills, James Cahill, Hezzie McGarva — 126.
18) Hi Desert Quarter Horses — MT Anderson, Mat Carter, Oliver Dowling, Brad Duckworth — 123.
19) 3 Bar C — Wyatt Clark, Jake Clark, Wit Roath, Tim Thomas — 108.
20) Team Logan — Ben Logan, Ty Law, Jess Childress, Jeremiah Taylor — 106.5.
21) C Bar S Horses — Chase Sherburn, Shawn Bailey, Monte Dunten, Cody Armstrong — 100.5.
22) The Buckaroos — Deven Thompson, Brandon Clark, Skylar Martin, Joe Glascock — 81.
23) Mavericks — Tim Maher, Jose Villagrana, Joe Lane, Casey Shelman — 64.5.
24) New Crew — Willie Fuller, Riley Cleaver, Matt Goodson, Jeff Mundell — 60.
25) Kings River Gals — Jymme Martin, Monel Shelley, Sandy Miller, Cole Green — 24.

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