By Tammy Downs

Levi Miller stands in front of the Roman Coliseum. (Submitted photo)

Burns Times-Herald

‘Levi Miller, a senior at Crane Union High School, got to have the experience of a lifetime when he took a 20-day trip to Europe last summer.

Miller received an invitation from the People to People Ambassador Program last year to participate in a European trip. He decided that he wanted to attend, and got to work on raising the money he would need to go.

Last June, Miller drove to Wyoming and flew out of Casper, Wyo. There were 43 kids in Miller’s group, separated into four smaller groups with four chaperones. He was the only student from Oregon attending.

The tour departed on June 12 on an overnight flight to Rome, Italy. Miller said he did not like the plane ride — it was 11 and one-half hours long.

The group arrived in Rome on June 13, and they spent the next 17 days traveling through Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France.

Miller had a host family who he stayed with in Austria for three days. The group had an itinerary with everything planned out for  each day.

He said the food was really good, but he commented that that the portions were small. The pizza, he said, is very thin.

Miller said some of his favorite places during his trip were Austria and Switzerland because they weren’t as crowded. In comparison, he  said Rome and France were very crowded.

One place Miller thought was very interesting was Vatican City, because it is its own country.

During his trip Miller had the opportunity to take a gondola ride, and said that it was fun, but he thought they were going to tip over.

The group flew home from Paris on June 30.

Miller said he never thought that he would leave the United States, but is glad he got to go on this trip.

He said it was a “fun, good experience and was cool.”

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