Charley and Maryanna Otley, the Grand Marshals for the 2012 Harney County Fair, were introduced during the annual Volunteer Appreciation Christmas Party on Dec. 11.

Theme will be ‘Cowboys Galore and a Whole Lot More’

By Randy Parks
Burns Times-Herald

Charley and Maryanna Otley were introduced as the Grand Marshals for the 2012 Harney County Fair, Rodeo and Race Meet at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Christmas Party hosted by the fair board on Sunday, Dec. 11.

Kiely Banton, the 2012 Fair Queen, was also in attendance to address the crowd.

The crowd was asked to vote for their favorite fair theme for next year, and the winning theme, out of the five presented, was “Cowboys Galore and a Whole Lot More!”

In addition, Robert Cargill was presented with a belt buckle for serving on the fair board for more than 30 years.

Fair Manager Don Slone emceed the event and presented the 2011 fair report. Statistics for last year’s fair are as follows:

228 adults entered 1212 Open Class exhibits.
148 youth entered 454 Open Class exhibits.
182 4-H and FFA youth entered 5,337 exhibits.
(All numbers are up from 2010.)

Kiely Banton, the 2012 Fair Queen, also attended the party.

Fairgrounds events
There were 105 youth events with 8,215 people attending. (This is one more youth event, but 2,607 less people than in 2010.)
There were 170 public events with 20,088 attending. (This is seven more events and 368 less people attending.)
There were 64 private events with 4,449 people attending. (This is 10 more events and 187 less people attending.)
There was a total of 340 events with 32,752 people attending. (That’s 19 more events and 3,162 less people attending than in 2010.)

There were 672 volunteers and sponsors working directly for the fair board in 2011, an increase of 78 more volunteers than in 2010.
Estimated hours by the volunteers were 12,752 or the equivalent of 6.35 full time employees.
At minimum wage, the volunteer hours would cost $113,009.

Financial statistics
The expense of the 2011 fair was $175,000.
The income of the 2011 fair was $174,000.
The estimated gross dollars earned by 32 community organizations during the fair is $297,106, or $63,980 more than in 2010.
The 4-H and FFA auction alone grossed $172,486, or $1,500 less than in 2010.
The estimated gross dollars generated by community organizations at the fairgrounds during the off season was $108,978, or $12,675 less than in 2010.
The economic impact of the fair to Harney County is $1.312 million, or 7.5 times the fair revenue. (Economists say on average, money rolls over 7.5 times.)

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