By Randy Parks
Burns Times-Herald

The Hi-Desert Mat Club continued with their busy schedule, the latest competition coming in the Madras Tournament on Saturday, Dec. 17. Results are as follows:

Peewee — Jace Wright, 35 lbs., 3rd; Bantam — Andy Barnes, 45 lbs., 1st; Joseph Wright, 50 lbs., 5th; Intermediate — Oliver Barnes, 55 lbs., 1st; Johnny McKelvey, 65 lbs.,   4th; Harlan Gunderson, 75 lbs., 2nd; Schoolboy — Evan Gunderson, 84 lbs.,  1st.

On Dec. 10, Smith Rock held their tournament at the Redmond High School.

The tournament was run as multiple brackets of four- to five-man crab pools, so there could be wrestlers the same age and weight, but ending up in different brackets. Several of the Hi-Desert wrestlers did make it however, and the results are as follows:

Peewee — Tommy Jack Rose, 50 lbs., 1st; Bantam — Matt Eggleston, 45 lbs., 4th; Adam White, 50 lbs., 1st; Intermediate — Johnny McKelvey, 65 lbs., 2nd; Cody King, 70 lbs. 1st; Dawson Williams, 75 lbs., 4th; Toby Clow, 80 lbs., 2nd; Matty Drushella, 100 lbs., 2nd; Novice — John Barry Rose, 75 lbs., 2nd; Schoolboy — Dillon Holtby, 180 lbs., 2nd.

The mat club also competed at Redmond on Nov. 26 and the results are as follows:

Peewee — Jayce Wright, 35 lbs., 1st; Bantam — Ethan Peasley, 45 lbs., 1st; Joseph Wright, 50 lbs., 1st; Kyle Boren, 55 lbs., 2nd; Brady Gilmer, 75 lbs., 3rd; Intermediate — Johnny McKelvey, 65 lbs., 3rd; Ian Dawson, 65 lbs., 4th; Anthony Moulton, 70 lbs., 2nd; Toby Clow, 80 lbs., 4th; Schoolboy — Kyle Robey, 85 lbs., 3rd; Dylan Holtby, 180 lbs., 2nd.

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