FRI accepts scrap metal

Posted on April 18th in News

Federal Recycling Inc. loads pipes onto a truck for transport to a foundry. (Photo by RANDY PARKS)

New business vows to hire locally

By Randy Parks
Burns Times-Herald

After moving into a warehouse at 320 Snow Mountain Ave. in Hines last November, Federal Recycling Inc. (FRI) is ready to get things rolling.

Co-owner and general manager Gordon Choate said that for the past few months their focus has been getting the warehouse emptied and re-doing the interior. With that done, they’re ready to start accepting scrap metal from the public.

Choate said they’re still in the process of setting up a pick-up service, and added that by taking it to FRI themselves, customers will get more in return. “There’s a cost to have it picked up, so if people bring it in themselves, they’re going to get about 20 percent more for it,” Choate said.

FRI accepts any and all metals, from old cars and refrigerators to wire and pipe. The metals are then separated into their respective groups (brass, iron, copper, aluminum, etc.), cleaned, bundled and eventually trucked out to foundries.

At the present time FRI is contracting with a local company to haul the loads, but they are in the process of purchasing their own truck and loader.

FRI is also currently working with the military to recycle their surplus. Choate said office manager Abbie Shafer has been busy on the computer tracking sales of government scrap. “The combination of the two, private and government scrap, will keep us going and help us to grow,” Choate said.

Choate said he reached his goal of hiring three employees by the end of last year and his goal this year is to have 10 employees. He added that to help the community, the hires will all be local residents. “If you live in Burns or Hines, I’ll consider hiring you,” Choate said. “One hundred percent of the hiring will be done locally.”

Choate believes in using local resources as much as possible, including having his new signs made by Inklings Sign Design. “I just scratched out a rough draft on a piece of paper, told them what I wanted on it and the colors, and they did a magnificent job,” Choate said.

For more information call 805-312-3078 or 541-573-1495.

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