Name change proposals go before OGNB

Posted on October 24th in News

The Oregon Geographic Names Board (OGNB) will discuss proposals for new names and name changes in Oregon at their fall board meeting to be held Nov. 3 at 9:30 at the Stone Cliff Inn, 17900 South Clackamas River Drive in Carver.

The site was chosen for its proximity to the Clackamas River and the rock where Rudyard Kipling fished in 1889. The name, Kipling Rock, is one of the names proposed.

Be advised that the meeting room is upstairs, without an elevator. If assistance is needed, contact Mary McArthur, 503-970-3336.

The following Harney County name changes and new names will be discussed at the meeting:

• Bartlett Spring: This proposal to change the existing name of O’Toole Spring GNIS#1124896 to Bartlett Spring (43.725917, -118.4254587) Section 21, Township 21 South, Range 35 East located on the Burns District of the Bureau of Land Management in Harney County. The proponent states that the spring is located on the west side of Bartlett Mountain and on the original homestead of Jackson A. Bartlett and has always been known locally as Bartlett Spring.

• Beal Creek: This proposal to change the existing name of Squaw Creek GNIS#1150249 to Beal Creek (434446N, 1191147W) Section 18, Township 23 South, Range 30 East, USGS Map: Burns NW. This is a competing proposal with the Burns Paiute Tribe (Tipi-Tehaga Creek, which means Rock Canyon Creek). The proponent states that this creek starts on his property, flows northwest then west into the Silvies River. This proposal is to commemorate the current landowner’s family, who have utilized this property for years.

• Juniper Creek: This proposal is to change the existing name of Squaw Creek GNIS #1127485 to Juniper Creek in Harney County (425627N, 1181944W) Section 18, Township 30 South, Range 36 East. This is a competing name proposal with the Burns Paiute Tribe (Ede huudi Creek). The proponent strongly opposes the Burns Paiute proposal as they believe that the term “Squaw” is not derogatory, the Paiutes have not been on this property since they (the current landowners) have owned it, and the Burns Paiute name of Ede huudi Creek, which means near hot spring creek, is not relevant, as the nearest hot spring is more than 30 miles away. The current landowners did not give a reason for their name; however, they identify their property as Juniper Ranch.

Written comments, either by postal mail or e-mail, are invited for consideration by the names board. Address letters to Oregon Geographic Names Board, c/o Oregon Historical Society, 1200 S.W. Park Ave., Portland, OR 97205, or email President Sharon Nesbit, For information or questions,  write to the same email address.

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