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Posted on November 14th in News

The county records an 84.7 percent turnout rate

By Jennifer Jenks
Burns Times-Herald

The results are in for the 2012 general election.

In Harney County, an extremely close race for justice of the peace saw Donna Thomas edging out Dorothy Peterson by 56 votes. Thomas received 1,666 votes and Peterson 1,610.

Nikki Morgan was elected mayor of Hines, receiving 333 votes, with Don Munkers receiving 154 and Ray Breshears Sr. 139.

For Hines city councilor position 2, Ron Williams won the seat with 384 votes, with Brent Drury receiving 227. For position 3, John Mims edged out Roy Crafts with 335 votes, Crafts receiving 268.

No other local positions on the ballot were contested.

Statewide, there was an 81 percent voter turnout rate; locally, a slightly higher 84.7 percent voted, with 3,632 ballots returned out of 4,286 eligible voters.

Following are the complete results of the 2012 Harney County general election:

U.S. President/Vice President: Barack Obama (D*), 829; Jill Stein (PG*), 26; Ross C. (Rocky) Anderson (P*), 4; Gary Johnson (L*), 55; Mitt Romney (R*), 2,599; Will Christensen (C*), 22; write-ins, 37.
U.S. Representative, 2nd District: Joyce B. Segers (D), 518; Greg Walden (R), 2,870; Joe Tabor (L), 80; write-ins, 6.

Secretary of State:  Seth Woolley (PG), 37; Robert Wolfe (P), 24; Bruce Alexander Knight (L), 61; Kate Brown (D), 945; Knute Buehler (R), 2,353; write-ins, 3.

State Treasurer: Ted Wheeler (D), 1,054; Cameron Whitten (P), 48; John F. Mahler, (L), 79; Michael Paul Marsh (C), 45; Tom Cox (R), 2,099, write-ins, 4.

Attorney General: Chris Henry (P), 41; James L. Buchal (R), 2,143; James E. Leuenberger (C), 122; Ellen Rosenblum (D), 968; write-ins, 4.

State Senator, 30th District: Ted Ferrioli (R), 2,677; write-ins, 40.

State Representative, 60th District: Cliff Bentz (R), 2,924; write-ins, 43.

County Commissioner: Dan Nichols (R), 2,657; write-ins, 223.

Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industry: Bruce Starr, 1,578; Brad Avakian, 839; write-ins, 22.

Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 3: Richard C. Baldwin, 1,231; Nena Cook, 1,209; write-ins, 14.

Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 6: James C. Egan, 1,615; Tim Volpert, 644; write-ins, 18.

County Clerk: Derrin (Dag) Robinson, 2,748; write-ins, 26.

County Sheriff: Dave Glerup, 2,381; write-ins, 204.

Justice of the Peace: Dorothy Peterson, 1,610; Donna Thomas, 1,666; write-ins, 14.

Burns Mayor: Craig J. LaFollette, 774; write-ins, 51.

Burns City Councilor, Position 1: Dan Hoke, 757; write-ins, 27.

Burns City Councilor, Position 2: Bill Renwick, 787; write-ins, 19.

Burns City Councilor, Position 3: Terri C. Holt-Presley, 696; write-ins, 43.

Hines Mayor: Nikki Morgan, 333; Don Munkers, 154; Ray Breshears Sr., 139; write-ins, 5.

Hines City Councilor, Position 1: Hilda Allison, 547; write-ins, 9.

Hines City Councilor, Position 2: Ron Williams, 384; Brent Drury, 227; write-ins, 3.

Hines City Councilor, Position 3: John Mims, 335; Roy Crafts, 268; write-ins, 5.

Harney Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Zone 1: Louis P. Molt, 2,187; write-ins, 59.

Harney Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Zone 2: Robert R. Greisen, 1,954; write-ins, 19.

Harney Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Zone 4: write-ins, 104 (no candidate filed).

Harney Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Zone 5: write-ins, 80 (no candidate filed).

Harney Soil and Water Conservation District Director, At Large 1: Pat Sharp, 2,083; write-ins, 38.

State Measure 77 (Amends Constitution: Governor may declare “catastrophic disaster” (defined); requires legislative session; authorizes suspending specified constitutional spending restrictions): Yes, 1,405; No, 1,888.

State Measure 78 (Amends Constitution: Changes constitutional language describing governmental system of separation of powers; makes grammatical and spelling changes): Yes, 1,847; No, 1,409.

State Measure 79 (Amends Constitution: Prohibits real estate transfer taxes, fees, other assessments, except those operative on Dec. 31, 2009): Yes, 2,219; No, 1,139.

State Measure 80 (Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale): Yes, 1,173; No, 2,308.

State Measure 81 (Prohibits commercial non-tribal fishing with gillnets in Oregon “inland waters,” allows use of seine nets): Yes, 935; No, 2,366.

State Measure 82 (Amends Constitution: Authorizes establishment of privately owned casinos; mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund): Yes, 1,191; No, 2,219.

State Measure 83 (Authorizes privately owned Wood Village casino; mandates percentage of revenues payable to dedicated state fund): Yes, 1,210; No, 2,180.

State Measure 84 (Phases out existing inheritance taxes on large estates, and all taxes on intra-family property transfers): Yes, 2,239; No, 1,177.

State Measure 85 (Amends Constitution: Allocates corporate income/excise tax “kicker” refund to additionally fund K through 12 public education): Yes, 1,558; No, 1,763.

13-12 (Makes Harney County Commissioner positions non-partisan): Yes, 2,352; No, 980.

*D=Democrat, PG=Pacific Green, P=Progressive, L=Libertarian, R=Republican, C=Constitution

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