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Posted on November 21st in Sports

Henry Barnes of the Hi-Desert Mat Club (Submitted photo)

The Hi-Desert Mat Club has had a busy past couple of weeks.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, 24 wrestlers traveled to Bend to compete in a four-to-five man bracket tournament at Bend High School.

Results are as follows:  (Weights given are actual wrestler weights as they crab-pooled and had unusual weight differences.  They may have wrestled other kids anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds different, depending on the bracket.)

Brock Puckett, 39.4 lbs. — 3rd

Jace Wright, 35 lbs. — 1st
Kaden Peasley, 50.6 lbs. — 3rd
Andy Barnes, 51.2 lbs. — 1st
Kaden Cunningham, 51.9 lbs. — 4th
Cutter Modey, 56.3 — 4th
Kempton Richardson, 36.4 lbs. — 3rd

Joe Wright, 54 lbs. — 4th
Ethan Peasley, 50 lbs. — 3rd
Toby Clow, 96.6 lbs. — 3rd
Adam White, 50 lbs. — 1st
Dalton Puckett, 98 lbs. — 1st
Oliver Barnes, 50 lbs. — 2nd
Justin Winn, 62.2 lbs. — 1st
Cody King, 75 lbs. — 1st
Johnny McKelvey, 66.2 lbs. — 5th
Kevin Peasley, 64.4 lbs. — 2nd

Harlen Gunderson, 85.4 lbs — 1st
Mick Winn, 118.4 lbs. — 2nd
Jimmie Huffman, 63.6 lbs. — 2nd

Evan Gunderson, 91.6 lbs. — 1st
Derek Taylor                      — 5th
Matty Drushella — 4th

On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Hi-Desert wrestlers competed in the Culver tournament, with four-to-five man brackets. Results are:

Orion Houck, 50 lbs. — 3rd
Brock Puckett, 40 lbs. — 2nd
Henry Barnes, 40 lbs. — 4th
Jace Wright, 40 lbs. — 2nd

Kempton Richardson, 40 lbs. — 2nd
Canon Winn, 45 lbs. — 3rd
Andrew Barnes, 55 lbs. — 1st
Cutter Modey — 5th

Adam White, 55 lbs. — 1st
Devin Dickie, 55 lbs. — 2nd
Ethan Peasley, 50 lbs. — 1st
Oliver Barnes, 50 lbs. — 2nd
Cody King,  75 lbs. — 1st
Dalton Puckett, 103 lbs. — 1st
Joe Wright, 55 lbs. — 1st

Harlan Gunderson, 85 lbs. — 1st

Evan Gunderson, 91 lbs. — 1st
Mitchell McCanna, 85 lbs. — 5th
Issac VanTassel, 112 lbs. — 1st

On Sunday, Nov. 18, two wrestlers from the Hi-Desert team traveled to Corvallis to compete in the intermediate division at the “Making A Difference Day” tournament at Gill Coliseum at Oregon State University.
Both wrestlers returned home champions as Cody King won the 75-pound bracket and Dalton Puckett was first at 103 pounds.

The Hi-Desert Mat Club will be hosting the second leg of the new Oregon Wrestling Association’s Tour of Oregon series.

The tournaments feature four-man brackets.  Each wrestler gets a medal that is a puzzle piece of Oregon that interlocks with the other medals to create the whole state.

Wrestling starts at 9 a.m. at Burns High school, and concessions will be available.

The buckles will also be on display.

The Hi-Desert Mat Club will be hosting their second tournament, the Buckle Classic, on Saturday, Jan. 26.

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