Local mat club hosts Buckle Classic

Posted on January 30th in Sports

Ethan Peasley picks up two points with a takedown. (Photo by RANDY PARKS)

By Randy Parks
Burns Times-Herald

Young wrestlers from all over Oregon, as well as Western Idaho, gathered at Burns High School on Saturday, Jan. 26, for the Les Schwab Buckle Classic hosted by the Hi-Desert Mat Club.

Before the action got under way on the mats, Hi-Desert coach Doug Gunderson made the announcement that the tournament was being held in memory of Jay Winn, who lost his life in a truck accident last fall.

A buckle was presented to the Winn family and Gunderson stated that the tournament would now be known as the Jay Winn Memorial Les Schwab Buckle Classic.

Individual results for the local mat club are as follows:
33.8-35 lbs. — Jayce Wright 1st; Trask Lardy         2nd; Hayden Cornell 3rd;              Kaleb Decroo 4th
36.6-40 lbs. — Lucian Miller 1st; Tommy Winn 2nd; Cannon Kemper 3rd; Henry Barnes 4th
39.4-44.8 lbs. — Kale Cornell 2nd; Jasper Skunkcap 3rd; Foster Otley 4th
48.2-55 lbs. — Joseph Weil 2nd; Orion Houck 4th

37.4-44 lbs. — Canon Winn 2nd; Kempton Richardson 3rd

50 lbs. — Carter Lardy 2nd
55 lbs. — Andy Barnes 4th
61.2-63.8 lbs. — Tallon Berry 3rd
65-70 lbs. — Lashawn Strain 3rd

45.8-55 lbs. — Oliver Barnes 1st; Ethan Peasley 2nd; Devin Dickie 3rd
56-60 lbs. — Hunter Kemper 4th
65 lbs. — Justin Winn                         2nd
70 lbs. — Cody King                            1st; Kevin Peasley 4th
75 lbs. — Ian Dawson 4th
88.6-94.1 lbs. — Toby Clow 3rd
93.8-98.8 lbs. — Dalton Puckett 1st

83.2-86.2 lbs. — Harlan Gunderson 1st
88.6-94.1 lbs. — Colby Bryant 3rd
112 lbs. — Isaac Vantassel 3rd
115.2-122.6 lbs. — Matthew Drushella 3rd
73.6-83.2 lbs. — Kyran Simpson 4th
86.2-95.6 lbs. — Evan Gunderson 1st
97-104.8 lbs. — Hunter Freitag 2nd
112 lbs. — Zane Bailey 2nd
152 lbs. — Keynan Runnels 3rd
175 lbs. — Dillin Holtby 2nd
121.2-150.8 lbs. — Riley Harris 2nd

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