Arrowhead lot facelift under way

Posted on June 26th in News
CRT hopes to have project completed by fall
by Lindy Steeves
Burns Times-Herald

Dennis Bennett spreads a load of topsoil at the Arrowhead lot. (Submitted photo)

In an effort to increase tourism and visitor interaction with Broadway Avenue, the Community Revitalization Team (CRT) is revamping the empty Arrowhead corner lot.

The corner of West A Street and North Broadway Ave. has been empty since 1973 when the Arrowhead Hotel burned to the ground.
In June 2011, the owner of the property, Bill Allen, donated the lot to the Harney County Opportunity Team. The team then turned the lot over to the CRT, and the renovation planning began.
The finished project will include a large grassy area, benches, additional parking, restrooms and an amphitheater. The goal, for now, is to finish the grass and additional parking in time for the fair and Cycle Oregon.
The majority of the project will be funded by donations of money, supplies and labor  from local businesses and individuals.
To begin the project, the city of Burns cleared off the top layer of gravel, rocks and brush. Ron and Toni Williams at TopLoc Asphalt Maintenance then donated weed killer and an employee to tackle the job of spraying the area. The CRT then purchased topsoil from ACW Rock & Ready-Mix, which Herb Vloedman and Dennis Bennett spread over the corner lot.
The next step for the CRT will be to trench the area for an underground sprinkler system. The head of CRT, Randy Fulton, is hopeful the trenching will be completed quickly. The CRT will then use money donated by Bill Wilbur to purchase grass sod. The sod will be laid down within the upcoming weeks.
“What I’m looking for is a reason for tourists to stop on main street…if we can give them a nice place to stop, they may look around and realize there’s five or six places to eat right near there. Why not walk down to Bella Java or up to Broadway Deli?” Fulton said.
Fulton also said that the addition of a nearby kiosk would help visitors see the available places to visit. 
“If people are coming through here, I want them to stop for more than just gas and some fast food,” he said. “We want them to stop here on main street.”
The new Arrowhead Plaza, coupled with the Harney County Community Center, the proposed Native American Cultural Center and other recent additions to Burns could present an opportunity for travelers to support the local economy.

2 Responses to “Arrowhead lot facelift under way”

  1. Gennifer Says:

    It always makes me feel good to see the community pulling together to make Burns a better place. It is the community I grew up in and I don’t think that Burns gets enough credit for being such a great friendly little town. I think the work that Randy Fulton is doing is not only fabulous but a great asset to make Burns a wonderful stopping place for tourist, and a better place to live for the current residents. It is business owners like Dennis Bennett who take time from his extremely busy schedule at Bennett Muffler to help with projects like this or the Williams who donate product and time that will only make Burns grow and flourish like it used to. There needs to be more people like them willing to put in the time and effort to make the rest of the State realize how wonderful Burns is to not only live in but to visit as well.

    My hope is that some industry and more business will see that Burns although a bit of a distance from larger city’s is the ideal location for them to break ground in. With its friendly community beautiful scenery and lack of natural disasters they could prosper in the community and help grow Harney County to its full potential. In the meantime until the rest of the world realizes what opportunities they have in Burns the community needs to still pull together and help each other and the other business much like Bennett Muffler and Car wash or Ron and Toni Williams at TopLoc Asphalt Maintenance. Keep up the good work Harney County your looking good!!

  2. Astrid Alexander Says:

    This is great news and makes downtown really extra special!! You go guys!! I would like to mention though, that the Ladies from Country Lane Quilts started it all by renovating their building and thru many trials and tribulations managed to make their building look fabulous. After that it just started snowballing and I think its great!

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