Owners will also cater events

by Samantha White
Burns Times-Herald


The Juniper Cookhouse serves customers three days a week. (Photo by Samantha White)

Good food at a fair price — that’s the Juniper Cookhouse motto.  And this mobile restaurant will be parked in the King’s Variety Store parking lot (1015 Oregon Ave. in Burns) and open for business Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. all summer.

Nolan Giesbrecht, who owns the cookhouse with his wife, Dedra, said the restaurant also travels to horse sales and branding events on the weekends. And, according to the cookhouse menu, the Giesbrechts will “gladly cater for your events.” They also take orders, especially for special occasions and holidays.

Breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls and coffee make up the Juniper Cookhouse breakfast menu. Made of sausage, egg and cheese, the breakfast burritos come wrapped in homemade tortillas and served with salsa. Cinnamon rolls can be purchased individually, in groups of four or by the dozen.

For lunch, the Juniper Cookhouse serves sandwiches, hamburgers and salads. It also recently began serving hot dogs. Sides include cheesy potatoes, baked beans and potato salad.

Customers can choose from tri-tip, pork or chicken for their sandwiches and salads. And all hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches are served on homemade rolls.

“We call them butterhorns,” Dedra said, explaining that the homemade rolls resemble croissants.

Butterhorns can also be purchased by the dozen. The cookhouse also offers fruit and cream pies, peanut butter bars, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and various breads.

“We started out with baked goods and then moved onto sandwiches,” Nolan said, adding that the tri-tip sandwich was the first to be offered and remains the most popular.

Nolan said variety has been added to the menu overtime, and the cookhouse is “always open to suggestions from the public to make it better.”

The Juniper Cookhouse also works to accommodate people who have shorter lunch breaks by allowing them to call ahead and pre-order their meals. Nolan said the cookhouse will try to have the orders ready to be picked up, and anyone who is interested in pre-ordering should call 541-589-2725.

Customers can also purchase slow-cooked tri-tip, barbecue pork tenderloin or chicken by the pot. The meat comes sliced, cooked and ready to eat.

For people on-the-go, green chile pork or beef burritos can be purchased, frozen and then re-heated for lunches or dinners. Nolan said the burritos taste good whether they are heated in a microwave or conventional oven. Both styles of burrito are made with rice, beans and cheese and come wrapped in a homemade tortilla.

When asked what sets the cookhouse apart from other restaurants, Nolan said, “The fact that basically everything is made from scratch” and “stirred up fresh.”

Built by the Giesbrecht family, the cookhouse building is also unique and arguably eye-catching. Nolan, who said he has always enjoyed woodworking, used juniper from Harney County for the building’s posts and trim. He said using local juniper made the building “a part of Harney County.”

The Giesbrechts, who moved to Harney County from California to operate a ranch, have also become a part of the county and its community.

“My wife loves the people,” Nolan said.

Dedra agreed, stating that she has made “ a lot of good friends” while working at the cookhouse.

And Nolan said business has been good.

“We would like to thank everybody for all of the business,” he said. “We appreciate everyone that has been supporting us.”

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