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Pavilion plans presented to council

by Samantha White
Burns Times-Herald


During its regular meeting (held Sept. 24), the Hines Common Council voted 3-2 to award a contract to Star Cars LLC of Newberg for two, 2014 Dodge Charger patrol cars for the Hines Police Department at a cost of $32,054.23 apiece.

The customized, heavy-duty vehicles will come fully equipped for law enforcement needs.

Bids were also received from Emergency Responders Services Inc. out of Boise, Idaho, and Auto Additions out of Salem.

Police Chief Ryan DeLange said he spoke with the managers of all three companies. He also spoke with the Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington county sheriffs’ fleet managers to research the types of police cars and receive a recommendation regarding the best vehicle provider.

DeLange said, because of the firm’s follow-up service, Star Cars came highly recommended. He added that Clackamas County purchased 40 of its patrol cars from Star Cars. DeLange added that, instead of painting vehicles, Star Cars uses removable decals, which would make it easier for the department to resale the cars in the future.

Mayor Nikki Morgan asked whether the decals would last, and DeLange replied that they are guaranteed to last the life of the car.
City Administrator Joan Davies said she applied for a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant to help defray the cost of the vehicles, but learned that it is too late in the federal fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, to qualify for current funding. She said the application would be considered for the coming year, but funding could be cut, and there are no guarantees. She added that if funding is not cut, applications would not be processed until January or February of 2014, and applications would be addressed in the order that they are received.

Councilor John Mims made a motion to award the contract to Star Cars, and Williams seconded it.

Councilors Mims, Ron Williams and Hilda Allison voted in favor of awarding the contract, while Councilors Dick Baird and Dick Anderson were opposed.

Davies informed the council that $4,095.87 was available in Risk Management Incentive (RMI) funds. Provided by Citycounty Insurance Services (CIS), the RMI program offers funding to member cities and counties for projects that will reduce liability claims. Davies explained that the city would have to spend the money first, but it can apply to CIS for reimbursement.

Morgan explained that a variety of patrol vehicle items would meet the requirements for fund expenditure, and the council agreed to apply the full RMI to patrol car equipment.

Baird presented a proposal for adding to the Hines Pavilion.

The proposal included a diagonal parking plan that Baird said would “get vehicles completely off the street.”

“I love the parking,” Morgan said regarding the proposal. She added that there is currently not enough parking when events are held at the pavilion.

The proposal also included two wheelchair-accessible parking spaces and a bathroom, all of which would be located next to the pavilion.

Kay McKeever said she objected to the idea of installing a bathroom next to the pavilion, as she would have a clear view of it from the front window of her house.

Joann Hofman said she opposed the proposed bathroom because it would be too close to the pavilion’s tables and could create an unpleasant odor for the people who picnic.

Baird clarified that the bathroom would be located 40 feet from the pavilion, and it would have flushing toilets, rather than the vaulted toilets that are found in outhouses.

He added, “This could be a five-year project or a 10-year project,” explaining that, in this stage of the process, he is “just trying to get ideas together.”

McKeever asked why the bathroom could not be moved more than 40 feet from the pavilion so that it would not be located directly across from her front window.

Morgan said there are houses all along the street, and if the bathroom was moved, it would likely just obstruct the view of another homeowner.

Baird said the bathroom would need to be close to the pavilion so it could be accessed by elderly and people with disabilities.

“I like the presentation that you submitted,” Allison said. “It has everything, but a dollar on it.”

Baird replied that the city would start with what it can afford.

Superintendent of Public Works Pedro Zabala suggested that the city develop a “black and white” plan before the project is started.

Baird agreed, stating, “We need to get it drafted out.”

The council engaged in a lengthy discussion regarding Resolution 2109. Passed June 22, 2010, the resolution set water meter rates and water and sewer charges.

However, Davies said the resolution was not enforced consistently, and, as a result, some accounts have been over  billed, while others were not charged enough.

She asked the council for direction, and the council agreed to ask Davies to continue researching the matter. The council also agreed to allow Davies to stop the inconsistent charges until the matter is sorted.

A number of members of the Hines Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD) were present to honor the retirement of Assistant Chief Stuart Yekel. Yekel was presented with a plaque, seat belt cutter, and a gift certificate to B&B Sporting Goods. His nametags were also given to him as a keepsake.

Zabala reported that  the stop sign that was recently placed at the intersection of Tennyson and Roe Davis avenues was removed from the pole, but has been replaced by the maintenance department. Zabala said the department has been checking manholes for roots, and the Hines park bathrooms will be shutdown in two or three weeks due to cooler temperatures. Zabala added that he does not want to plant chokecherry trees at the park because the fruit-bearing trees will be messy.

Fire Chief Bob Spence reported that no 9-1-1 calls had been made since the previous council meeting. He added that the HVFD has been working with the Burns Fire Department to complete training.

DeLange reported that the department received several calls regarding thieves entering homes through unlocked doors and taking items such as prescription medications and computers. He added that the department helped respond to a fatal accident on North Broadway Avenue, and has received several calls regarding loose and barking dogs. DeLange said Officer Casey Held is working his first child abuse case, and Officer Matt Githens is on sick leave. DeLange also reported that he applied for $11,000 in grant money to be used for driving under the influence of intoxicants and seat belt infractions overtime.

In other business, the council:

• discussed the city’s deer population and measures that could be taken to address it. Davies read a letter from Debra Hawkins regarding strategies that have been employed by other cities to address their deer populations;

• received an update from Davies regarding the ongoing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood plain issue. Davies said she has been working with the city of Burns and Harney County to address the issue, and all three entities wrote letters to FEMA requesting a return to the flood plain that was designated in 1978 until a new study can be completed;

• was addressed by Hofman during the public comment period regarding the content of the executive session. The executive session was held immediately following the regular session;

• agreed to award a bid to TopLoc Asphalt  Maintenance of Burns for a crack-sealing project at a rate of $0.30 per lineal foot. The council also received a bid from C.R. Contracting of Bend at a price of $1.95 per lineal foot. Williams abstained from voting due to conflict of interest;

• agreed to award a bid to TopLoc for a project to re-stripe the existing lines and crosswalks on the streets, re-stripe the solid yellow line on the West Pettibone hill and renew Americans with Disabilities Act parking spaces at a cost of $1,250. TopLoc was the only company that bid on this project. Williams again abstained from voting;

• approved mileage and per diem for Jerry Lewellen, a member of the city’s maintenance department who will be taking a certification test in Bend;

• approved mileage reimbursement for an upcoming training for HVFD’s David Riess and Jonathan Manski;

• donated two months of water and sewer payments (at a base rate of $86) to the Harney County Chamber of Commerce radio auction;

• was addressed by Wayne Baron regarding his plans for 4R Recycling Services. The council agreed that Baron would need to appear before the planning commission;

• approved Resolution 2175 in the matter of transferring funds in the amount of $2,200 from Police Contingency to Maintenance and Expense;

• was told by Allison that the skate park “looks nice.”

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hines Common Council will be held Oct. 8 at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.

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