Individual pass system provides flexibility and security

by Samantha White
Burns Times-Herald


The new fitness center offers a wide variety of exercise machines and individualized programs. (Photo by Samantha White)

The new fitness center offers a wide variety of exercise machines and individualized programs. (Photo by Samantha White)

Owner Kara Nelson said she opened Healthy-N-Fit LLC because she wanted to create “a positive, motivating place for women to improve their health.”

Located at 90 W. Adams St. in Burns (next to Sweet-N-Unique Specialty Cakes), Healthy-N-Fit is a self-access circuit and cardio gym for women.

Members are given individual pass codes, which allow them to access the gym at their convenience. The pass codes are linked to a security system, allowing Nelson to ensure the safety of her gym and its members.

Nelson said the self-access system gives members the flexibility they need to better incorporate fitness into their daily routine, explaining that some members prefer to work out early in the morning, while others like to exercise late at night.

Gym equipment includes strength machines, treadmills, an elliptical machine, a recumbent bike, hand weights, flexibility equipment, an exercise ball, and a complete circuit workout that is adaptable to various health levels.

A licensed personal trainer, who is also National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified, Nelson helps members develop individualized programs when they sign up to use the gym. Individuals desiring further guidance can hire Nelson by the hour as a personal trainer. Exercise classes are also available through the business.

“Some people like to work out alone, while others thrive with personal attention, and still others draw energy from group classes,” Nelson said.

She added that Healthy-N-Fit is designed to meet the needs of women representing a wide range of fitness levels.

“Everyone’s starting point is different,” she said. “We each have our own health goals. I wanted to create a fitness facility that accommodates all fitness levels, is bright, vibrant, positive and realistic.”

A variety of programs are available to meet the individual fitness needs of gym members. For example, some programs focus on joint health, flexibility, and balance, while others stress weight loss or cardiovascular training.

Nelson explained that some gym members may be training to run timed races, while others just want to improve their health and flexibility.

“I have a motivation to help people improve their lives at whatever level they are at,” Nelson said, adding that improvements can be achieved with just a little exercise and a healthy diet.

Nelson said she would like to “encourage an early start,” which is why she plans to offer reduced rates for girls ages 10 to 17 who want to exercise at Healthy-N-Fit with their mothers.

Nelson added that she wants Healthy-N-Fit membership to be affordable and realistic, which is why she does not require members to commit to annual contracts.

She has hosted a couple of open houses since the gym opened May 1, and said she plans to host more in the future.

Anyone who has questions about Healthy-N-Fit or who would like to make an appointment to view the facility can contact Nelson at 541-589-3773.

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