Tyler Opie

Tyler Opie

Two Harney County high school seniors have been selected to participate in Oregon’s 62nd annual East-West Shrine All-Star Football Game at 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 2, at Bulldog Stadium in Baker City.

Tyler Opie of Crane Union High School and Seth Nonnenmacher of Burns High School have been selected to the East team for this year’s game.

The Oregon East-West All-Star game selects graduating seniors only from 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A high schools. Currently (2014) there are 45 4A high schools, 36 3A, 32 2A, and 50 1A OSAA sanctioned high schools from which the teams are composed.

Leagues are further organized into two teams, the West Team consisting primarily of schools located west of the IS-5 corridor and the East Team consisting of schools located east of the IS-5 corridor.

There are exceptions where schools located east of the IS-5 corridor are placed in leagues where the majority of schools are located west of the IS-5 corridor in order to balance the league. The same is true for a couple schools located west of the IS-5 corridor who are assigned to leagues where the majority of schools are located east of the IS-5 corridor.

Player nomination and balloting

There are currently 163 high schools in the pool from which players are selected for the East-West All-Star Game. Sixty players are selected from these high schools to make up the two 30-player teams, together with two 30-man alternate rosters from which players are drawn to replace players who are disqualified, withdraw, or otherwise cannot play in the game.

Seth Nonnenmacher

Seth Nonnenmacher

At the conclusion of each high school football season, ballots are sent to each of the high schools from which players are selected, addressed to either the head coach or the athletic director, as the school may desire.

At the time the ballots are sent to the high schools, a notice is sent to each Shrine Club and each delegate, informing them that the ballots have been sent to the high schools. Each Shrine Club should then contact high schools in their jurisdiction to insure the ballot was received and to answer any questions the head coach or athletic director may have regarding the balloting process or the game.

The head coach or athletic director may nominate as many players as he wishes from his team on his ballot. The head coach or athletic director may also nominate a player from another team within his league whom he feels worthy of nomination.

With respect to nomination of a player from another league team, no matter how many ballots nominate a player, that player will not be selected unless the head coach or athletic director for his respective school nominates him on that school’s ballot.

Prerequisites for selection of players and alternates for the Oregon East-West All-Star Football Game naturally includes athletic ability and football skills, however coaches and athletic directors are encouraged to also consider each nominee’s character, citizenship, and his scholastic record.

Keep in mind that each player in the Oregon East-West All-Star Football Game not only represents the Shriners who stage the game and the Shriners Hospitals to which the net proceeds from the game go, but the high school that nominates him to be their all-star player.

In the balloting process, nominees are not categorized as player or alternate. The association makes no such distinction. Consideration is given only to each nominee’s potential to fill a position as well as his attitude, his character, and his availability to attend training camp and play in the all-star game when scheduled.

During the selection process, players and alternates are selected for their ability with relation to the position to be filled. Another consideration is to insure that schools that have not had a player picked for several years be given first consideration in player selection.

The general manager collects the ballots initiated by each high school head coach or athletic director, verifies that all prerequisites are met, that all paperwork is in order, and that each nominee will be available to participate in the training camp and play in the game as scheduled.

A date is set in January for the selection of players and alternates. The coaches selected for the game meet, receive an orientation about the selection process from the general manager, then separate into a West Team selection caucus and an East Team selection caucus. Assisted by their respective team managers and assistants, the coaches select players based on a formula that provides for a proportionate number of positions on their team from the four classifications.

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