Saturday, June 6

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In support of Weed Awareness Week, Harney County Weed Control will be having a weed spray giveaway-day on June 6 at Big R.

The annual Denio Barbecue will be held on June 6. Events include a team branding, team roping, kids arena playday, barbecue, quilt display and dance. For more information, call Sherry at 775-941-0330.

The annual Burns Lions Club Fly-In Breakfast will be held on June 6, at the Burns Municipal Airport.

The Rancher’s Horse Sale will be held in Juntura on June 6. For more information or a catalog, contact Jim Bentz at 493-2456.
Free Fishing Day will be held at the Burns Pond on June 6. For more information, call Burns District BLM Office at 573-4400, or the ODFW Office at  573-6582.

The annual Drewsey Flea Market will be  held on June 13. For more information, call Barbara Arnold at 493-2728.

The Harney County High School Rodeo will be held at the Harney County Fairgrounds June 5-7.

Diabetes Support Group meets at the Harney County Health Building, 420 North Fairview, the first Saturday of each month at 2 p.m.

Alanon holds an open meeting each Saturday at Foursquare Church at 7 p.m.

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