The Burns Times-Herald, established in 1887, has served the community of Harney County and Burns since the earliest days of its settlement. The Burns Times-Herald covers Harney County, a frontier community newspaper, in an area that is poised for economic growth.

The focus of the newspaper is on community life, events, activities and people, published weekly on Wednesdays. Supplements to the newspaper include “Destination Harney County” a visitor’s guide to recreation, services, and businesses in the local area.

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The Burns Times-Herald is an award winning newspaper in both editorial and advertising categories and has been recognized by the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association for its work. The Burns Times-Herald focuses on the community, its needs, and its people. It strikes a balance between a high-level journalistic standard to the need of the community to express itself in its own ways. The news about the 4-H club is as important as the news about the city council; the news about the school children’s Thanksgiving turkey project is as important as the story about budget troubles. And most important are the letters to the editor.

Burns, Oregon, is the county seat for Harney County and is the center of population along with Hines, Oregon, whose city limits border Burns on the south. Harney County is frontier country, the ninth largest county in the contiguous United States covering 10,000 square miles with a population of 7,600. The people who live here think of the county as the community and friendships and concerns aren’t bound by city limits. The community’s isolation has created an independent proud people who are known for their ability to get things done and the courage to strike out in new directions.

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Home of Steens Mountain, southeastern Oregon’s highest mountain reaching an elevation of 9,670 feet above sea level, Harney County boasts scenic values of high desert country, mountain forests, and the birding wonderland of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The economy has traditionally been base on ranching and lumber, but today with the arrival of fiber optics telecommunications, the community is truly ready to enter the world of futuristic technology. Industries are cattle ranching, hay production, dairy farming, manufacturing, timber, tourism and services. At the same time, the community is resolute in its planning to retain a quality of life that is small town and friendly. Harney County is the home of the Burns Paiute Indian Tribe.

First published in 1887, the Burns Times-Herald continues a long-standing tradition: “Covers Harney County Like the Sagebrush.”

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