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Probate No. 14-09-3264
For the County of Harney

The Estate of

Notice is hereby given that Charles H. Cagle has been appointed Personal Representative.  All persons having claims against the Estate must present them, with vouchers attached, within four months after the date of first publication of this notice, as stated below, to the Personal Representative at Yturri Rose LLP, 89 SW 3rd Avenue, PO Box “S”, Ontario, Oregon 97914. Claims not presented within the four months may be barred.

All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceedings may obtain additional information from the records of the Court, the Personal Representative, or the lawyers for the Personal Representative.

Attorneys for Personal Representative:
Scott Warner, OSB 935094
Yturri Rose LLP
P.O. Box “S”
89 SW 3rd Avenue
Ontario, OR 97914
Telephone: (541) 889-5368
Facsimile: (541) 889-2432

DATED and first published: October 8, 2014.

Publish: October 8, 15 and 22, 2014.




The Trustee under the terms of the Trust Deed described herein, at the direction of the Beneficiary, hereby elects to sell the property described in the Trust Deed to satisfy the obligations secured thereby.  Pursuant to ORS 86.771, the following information is provided:





Successor Trustee: NANCY K. CARY



2. DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY:  The real property is described as follows:

In Twp. 23 S., R 30 E., W.M.:

Sec. 26: A parcel of land in the NW1/4NE1/4, which is described as follows:

Beginning at a point on the West line of Quincy Avenue South, which is 474.46 feet Southerly from the point of intersection of the North line of said Sec. 26 and the West line of said Quincy Avenue South; thence N. 86°31’10” W. 175 feet; thence S. 03°28’50” W. 124.455 feet; thence S. 86°31’10” E. 175 feet to the West line of said Quincy Avenue South; thence N. 03°28’50” E. along said West line, 124.455 feet to the point of beginning.


3. RECORDING.  The Trust Deed was recorded as follows:

Date Recorded: November 7, 2008

Recording No. 20081940

Official Records of Harney County, Oregon


4. DEFAULT.  The Grantor or any other person obligated on the Trust Deed and Promissory Note secured thereby is in default and the Beneficiary seeks to foreclose the Trust Deed for failure to pay:  Monthly payments in the amount of $767.01 each, due the first of each month, for the months of September 2013 through July 2014; plus late charges and advances; plus any unpaid real property taxes or liens, plus interest.


5. AMOUNT DUE.  The amount due on the Note which is secured by the Trust Deed referred to herein is:  Principal balance in the amount of $95,061.83; plus interest at the rate of 8.950% per annum from August 1, 2013; plus late charges of $50.00; plus advances and foreclosure attorney fees and costs.


6. SALE OF PROPERTY.  The Trustee hereby states that the property will be sold to satisfy the obligations secured by the Trust Deed.  A Trustee’s Notice of Default and Election to Sell Under Terms of Trust Deed has been recorded in the Official Records of Harney County, Oregon.



Date: December 11, 2014.

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Place: Harney County Courthouse, 450 N. Buena Vista, Burns, Oregon


8. RIGHT TO REINSTATE.  Any person named in ORS 86.778 has the right, at any time that is not later than five days before the Trustee conducts the sale, to have this foreclosure dismissed and the Trust Deed reinstated by payment to the Beneficiary of the entire amount then due, other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred, by curing any other default that is capable of being cured by tendering the performance required under the obligation or Trust Deed and by paying all costs and expenses actually incurred in enforcing the obligation and Trust Deed, together with the trustee’s and attorney’s fees not exceeding the amount provided in ORS 86.778.


You may reach the Oregon State Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service at 503-684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-7636 or you may visit its website at:  Legal assistance may be available if you have a low income and meet federal poverty guidelines.  For more information and a directory of legal aid programs, go to

Any questions regarding this matter should be directed to Lisa Summers, Paralegal, (541) 686-0344 (TS #18316.30038).

DATED:  July 22, 2014.

Nancy K. Cary, Successor Trustee
Hershner Hunter, LLP
P.O. Box 1475
Eugene, OR 97440

Publish: October 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2014.



(Real Property)

On the 12th. day of November, 2014, at the hour of 2:00 p.m., at the Harney County Courthouse, 450 N Court, in the City of Burns, Oregon 97720, the defendant’s interest will be sold, subject to redemption, in the real property commonly known as: 542 Dapple Grey Street, Hines, Oregon 97738.  The court case number is 1306238CV, Bank of America N.A ,plaintiff(s) vs.    Thomas L. Garo, an individual; and all other persons or parties unknown claiming any legal or equitable right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real property described in the complaint herein, adverse to Plaintiff’s title, or any cloud on Plaintiff’s title to the Property, collectively designated as DOES 1 through 50, inclusive, defendants(s).

Before bidding at the sale, a prospective bidder should independently investigate:
(a) The priority of the lien or interest of the judgment creditor;
(b) Land use laws and regulations applicable to the property;
(c) Approved uses for the property;
(d) Limits on farming or forest practices on the property;
(e) Rights of neighboring property owners; and
(f) Environmental laws and regulations that affect the property.

This is a public auction to the highest bidder for cash or cashier’s check, in hand.  For more details go to

By Civil Deputy Dorathy M. Ousley

Publish: October 15, 22, 29 and November 5, 2014.



Request for Proposals
Economic Development Planning Services

The Burns Paiute Tribe (Tribe) is seeking a qualified professional or firm to contract for economic development planning services. Services will result in two primary objectives.

Objective 1:  Economic Development Plan (Plan)
The Plan will serve as a structured resource to guide the Tribe in its economic development efforts. The Plan will act as the comprehensive economic development strategy.  This Plan will allow the Tribe to have a structured resource for future economic growth to guide the Tribe in planning, prioritizing and implementing activities that result from the comprehensive analysis.

Objective 2:  Develop a management plan structure.
The management structure is a personnel management model that will help the Tribe to be set up to implement the economic development plan. The management model will enable the Tribe to have an overall personnel strategy plan in place so that together with the Plan, the Tribe can move forward. This is a capacity building effort. This scope of work will obtain professional services to conduct a feasibility assessment focused on outcomes towards moving the Tribe forward for successful and sustainable growth.

Proposers may request a proposal package from the RFP primary contact:
Margaret Swoboda, Finance Director
100 Pasigo Street
Burns Oregon, 97720
Office: 541-573-8015

Proposers must submit one unbound hard copy of their proposal and one electronic copy to Margaret Swoboda at the address listed above, no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, November 28, 2014.

Late submittals will not be considered.

Tentative Schedule:
• Issuance of RFP: Week of Oct. 13, 2014
• Deadline for submittal of RFP: November 28, 2014
• Review of proposals by Tribal Administration: Week of December 1,2014
• Vendor telephone interviews, if needed: December 8-12, 2014.
• Final selection by Tribal Council by December 19, 2014
• Contract begins: Week of January 5th, 2015

Publish: October 22 and 29 and November 5, 12 and 19, 2014.



Legal Notice
Malheur National Forest
Central Malheur Allotment Grazing Reauthorization
Objection Period

Central Malheur Allotment Environmental Assessment and draft Decision Notice are now available for review and objection. The Malheur National Forest is proposing re-authorization of livestock grazing on the Central Malheur Allotment using adaptive management strategies designed and implemented to meet Forest Plan standards and guidelines. Range, vegetation and habitat improvement projects are also proposed. Emigrant Creek District Ranger Christy A. Cheyne is the Responsible Official for this project.

This project is subject to objection pursuant to 36 CFR 218. Objections regarding this project may be filed in any of the following formats: (1) Postal Delivery: Reviewing Officer, Forest Supervisor, Malheur National Forest, Attn. 1570 Appeals and Objections, PO Box 909, John Day, Oregon 97845; (2) Emailed to: Please put OBJECTION and the project name in the subject line. Electronic objections must be submitted as part of an actual e-mail message, or as an attachment in Microsoft Word (.doc), rich text format (.rtf), or portable document format (.pdf) only. E-mails submitted to addresses other than the ones listed above or in formats other that those listed above or containing viruses will be rejected. It is the responsibility of the objector to confirm receipt of objections submitted by electronic mail. For electronically mailed objections, the sender should normally receive an automated electronic acknowledgment from the agency as confirmation of receipt. If the sender does not receive an automated acknowledgment of receipt, it is the sender’s responsibility to ensure timely receipt by other means; (3) Hand delivered to: Malheur National Forest Supervisor’s Office, 431 Patterson Bridge Rd, John Day, Oregon 97845. Hand deliveries can occur between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday except legal holidays; or (4) Faxed to: Forest Supervisor, Malheur National Forest, Attn: 1570 Appeals and Objections at (541)575-3001.

Objections must be postmarked or received by the Reviewing Officer, Malheur Forest Supervisor, within 45 days from the date of publication of this notice of objection in the Burns Times Herald, newspaper of record for Emigrant Creek Ranger District. The publication date is the exclusive means for calculating the time to file an objection. Those wishing to file an objection to this decision should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source. Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted specific written comments regarding the proposed project or activity and attributed to the objector, unless the issue is based on new information that arose after the opportunities for comment. The burden is on the objector to demonstrate compliance with this requirement for objection issues.

An objection must include a description of those aspects of the proposed project addressed by the objections, including specific issues related to the proposed project; if applicable, how the objector believes the environmental analysis or draft decision specifically violates law, regulation, or policy; suggested remedies that would resolve the objection; supporting reasons for the reviewing officer to consider; and a statement that demonstrates the connection between prior specific written comments on the particular proposed project or activity and the content of the objection, unless the objection concerns an issue that arose after the designated opportunities for comment.

The Responsible Official may not issue a decision for this project until the Reviewing Officer has responded to all pending objections. When no objections are filed within the 45-day time period, implementation of the decision may occur on, but not before, the fifth business day following the end of the objection-filing period.

The environmental assessment (EA) and draft decision notice can be accessed on the Forest Service Website at:  A paper copy of the documents or additional project information can be obtained by contacting Melissa Ward at the Emigrant Creek Ranger District office, 265 Hwy 20 South, Hines, Oregon 97738; 541-573-4300, or by email at

Publish: October 22, 2014.



Notice of Preliminary Determination for Water Right Transfer T-11733

T-11733 filed by Andy J. Root, Rattlesnake Creek Land & Cattle Co., LLC, 524 Hwy 20 N Hines, OR 97738, proposes additional points of appropriation under Certificate 88990. The right allows the use of 4.92 cfs from a well in Sec. 33, T25S, R30E, WM for irrigation in Sects. 28, 29, 32, and 33. The applicant proposes additional points of appropriation in Sects. 3 and 4, T26S, R30E, and Sects. 33 and 34, T25S, R30E, WM. The Water Resources Department proposes to approve the transfer, based on the requirements of ORS Chapter 540 and OAR 690-380-5000.

Any person may file, jointly or severally, a protest or standing statement within 30 days after the last date of newspaper publication of this notice, 10/29/2014.  Call (503) 986-0807 to obtain additional information or a protest form.  If no protests are filed, the Department will issue a final order consistent with the preliminary determination.

Publish: October 22 and 29, 2014.



We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to so many who helped make the viewing of “The Crash Reel” and “An Evening with Kevin Pearce” so successful!!!

Many lives were touched and helped with these 2 events. We believe that they are the beginning of many good things to come!

Without the help of these individuals and businesses who gave of their time and finances this endeavor would have been much more difficult, so please accept our deepest, heartfelt gratitude!!!

Banton family, Baltzor family, Modey family, Kim Mellema, Rylee Curtis, Gwin and Janice Lawson, Andy Whitehead, Sandy Volle, Eric Nichols. Roaring Springs Ranch, Bank of Eastern Oregon, Silvies River Charter School, Kids Club of Harney County, Burns Paiute Tribe, Airlink, Double O School, Shepherd Graphics, Desert Historic Theatre, Burns Times-Herald, Burns High School and their employees, Harney Partners for Kids and Families, Country Natural Beef, Town & Country Insurance, City of Burns, City of Hines, Symmetry Care, H.C. Senior & Community Center, Great Basin Chiropractic, H.C. School District #3, Department of Human Services, Rocco Family Network, Family and Community Together Oregon, all of the anonymous donators.

If we missed naming someone, please forgive us! We are so grateful for such an outstanding community!

Thank you all again,
Mike, Jennifer and Arly Williams



We carry Whirlpool Appliances, including freezers.
We also sell water heaters.

Burns Electric
70 S. Fairview

BE 1/10/07 TFN


24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: 541-573-7176. HHOPE offers free, confidential services for victims of physical, sexual and verbal abuse. Qualified staff, volunteers provide shelter, transportation and referrals with support and care.

HH 7/19/12 TFN



Free 12×65 mobile home. Needs cleaning to be livable or make good running gear for trailer. 541-589-2068.

DC 10/15-10/22 2t


NEED FIRE STARTER? Stop by the Burns Times-Herald office (355 N. Broadway) on Tuesdays, and pick up bundles of paper before they go to recycling.




Want to purchase a used rangeland drill in good condition. Please call Jerry Miller at 541-493-2678.

JM 10/22-10/29 2t


Wanted: Laundry service for senior citizen. References. Call 541-751-0555.

KS 10/8-10/29 4t




The Harney County Cooperative Weed Management Area has an opening for a part time coordinator.

Job Description:  This position will work cooperatively with local agencies and potential partners to strengthen communication between agencies and organizations to improve integrated pest management in Harney County.

Job Requirements: This individual must be self-motivated, reliable and be able to work as a team member as well as independently; able to operate equipment- including: ATV, pick up, and trailer.  There may be some overnight stays away from home and long hours.  Must be able to pack 45 pounds and work in various weather conditions.  The ability to use Microsoft Office programs is required.  Must be able to use and read topographical maps, GPS units, and digital camera.  GIS skills preferred.  Neat record keeping ability is a must.  Good written and spoken communication, ability to write grants a plus.

Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to: coordinating CWMA meetings, setting meeting agendas, taking minutes, presenting to CWMA members, seeking grant opportunities for weed control and restoration projects, building landowner and partner relationships and collaboration, write project grants and secure funds, encourage and secure private landowner participation for noxious weed/restoration projects, track CWMA financials in collaboration with the SWCD, build new relationships with possible partners, aid in meeting educational goals of the CWMA, develop and manage educational opportunities in collaboration with CWMA partners, manage and monitor on the ground projects.

Pay starting at $15.49-$17.44 per hour DOE.

For more information on the position or to obtain an application please contact the Harney County Weed Control office at 541-573-8385.

Position closes November 3, 2014.  Estimated start Date: November 10, 2014.

Jim Campbell, Supervisor
Harney County Weed Control
450 N. Buena Vista Ave.
Burns, OR 97720
541-573-8385 HCWC

10/22-10/29 2t



South Harney SD #33 is seeking applicants for a sub-bus driver position in Fields, OR. Training is reimbursed by the district upon successful completion of requirements. For more information please contact the District Clerk, Nicole Michaud at 651-276-7500 or

NM 10/22 1t


Crane Elementary is looking for a middle school boys basketball coach. Call 541-493-2641 or pick up an application at the district office.

CS 10/22-10/29 2t



HELP WANTED- The USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Hines, Oregon is currently accepting applications for a full time, permanent, Program Technician. Applications and materials are available online at, and will be accepted beginning October 15, 2014 and closing October 29, 2014 11:59 p.m. EDT. Salary begins $28,269 – $39,179 per year based on qualifications and experience. Applications must be submitted through USAJobs. For more information please contact the FSA Office at 530 Hwy 20 S, Hines, OR 541-573-6446. FSA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

KF 10/15-10/22 2t


Burns Paiute Tribe
Natural Resource Department

Position: Wildlife Habitat/Fisheries Technician

Open: Until filled.

Salary Range: $10.66- $13.00 an hour

Full Time/Temporary

Contact: Kerrie Opie 541-573-8013, Mon.- Thurs.

KO 6/4 TFN



Firewood for sale. Call 541-573-5030.

BR 1/8 TFN



20 tons dairy quality alfalfa hay, 3×3 bales, $220 per ton. 541-589-2068.

DC 10/15-11/5 4t


Winter is coming. Protect your hay. Top quality hay tarps in all sizes. 541-881-9448.

PE 9/24-11/12 8t



Chukers for sale: $10.00 each. Laying hens: $5:00 each. 67950 Highway 78, Burns. 541-413-1428.

MC 10/15-10/22 2t



Computer Questions?
Zieber Computer Repair / Tutoring

• Repairs, Maintenance, Sales, Parts
• Upgrades, Installations
• Personalized/Group Tutoring
• Senior Citizen Discount

“Now Offering Rentals!”

Microsoft Certified

Professional (MCP) A+


JZ 1/12 TFN



AKC/UKC Rat Terrier Puppies for sale. 541-413-0479.

BR 10/1-10/22 4t



28 foot travel trailer. 1 bedroom. $250 per month. Includes water, sewer and trash. Call Jerry at 541-508-8484.

JP 10/22 1t


Small studio apartment. Newly remodeled. $300, 1st & last months rent plus $150 deposit. 541-573-6968, ask for Dave or 541-589-0874, ask for Jim.

JW 10/22-10/29 2t


2 bedroom apartment. Newly remodeled. $400, 1st & last months rent plus $200 deposit. Water & sewer paid. 541-573-6968, ask for Dave or 541-589-0874, ask for Jim. JW 10/22-10/29 2t


3 bedroom, 1 bath, garage. Newly remodeled. No pets. Close to Hines Middle School. $600 per month plus first and last. Now accepting applications. 541-573-1214.

PA 10/15-11/5 4t


Available in October. 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with fenced back yard, wood heat, in Hines. $400 per month. Call 541-306-0955.

SW 10/1-10/22 4t


1 bedroom apartments available. Close to shopping and library. Clean and affordable. Call Brian Johnson at 541-493-2522 for more information.

MB 9/25 TFN


2 bed, 1 bath, newer efficient home $425m + dep. fairly small but nice inside, vaulted ceiling, big windows. Electric heat. Background check req. Hines RV park 573-3220 or office at space #1. Available 4/20.

KM 4/16 TFN



3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,250 sf. house in Burns, not in flood plain. Updated, new kitchen and bath, new flooring, garage door and opener. Fenced yard and shade trees. $77,500. 541-589-0301.

10/1-10/22 4t



2000 Keystone Montana 28’ 5th wheel trailer. Good condition, 2 slides- living/dining & queen bedroom. Newer refrigerator & a/c. Lots of storage, enclosed heated holding tanks. $10,000 OBO. 541-573-2343 or 541-589-0467.

VT 10/22-10/29 2t



2003 Ford Focus Hatchback. Air, cruise, AM/FM /CD, fold down rear seats, manual doors & windows. Also comes with 4 mounted snow tires. $4,500. 541-573-2343 or 541-589-0464.

VT 10/22-10/29 2t


2004 Ford F-250. 6-speed, 5.4 liter, V-8, 4-door, 4×4. 105,000 miles. $7,500. 541-573-5750.

TS 10/1-10/22 4t

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